About Titus

In these days of the computer, Internet, Mobile and chip sayings and writings are of vital importance, where others may see only disjointed and highly complex puzzles: history, nature, science and ‘book’ teaching.

Nice to meet you. My character is Chorography by nature, I am an enigmatic man that picture the Hybrid City as a Puzzle with a kind of intellectual pieces.

My Social Semantic Search Engine Competition theory is a vision based on a  cosmopolitanism age-old normative ideal which contends that all members are cosmopolitan, all citizens of the internet world  share a membership in one single community, which is governed by a universal, egalitarian law and reliable algorithm that govern the chances in the competition.

One way to view my stated mission is to view Nature as a digital system that has two basic Information processing at work:

  • The unfolding of better ways to improve itself  (evolution = profit);
  • A way to lower its entropy (stabilize its form).

My commitments seems to materialize to host both of these processes in a data clusters in support of the Intelligent Agent into Internet Interactive digital system, Internet Interactive Labyrinth, Internet Interactive Puzzle.

I am trying to extend it into a superior system and stabilize it so it is an asset into the coming future.

I am an Internet Old-Entrepreneur, International Economist,  Programmers, Astrophysics and Mathematician.

I am employ differential geometry and partial differential equations, the laws of causality and contemporary quantum mechanical laws and parallel universe with in our overall concept of semantic mechanisms architecture, which is why that concept is an answer for the internet psychographics users needs.

The reason why ‘all of the semantic projects’  have met with failure after having invested hundreds of millions of dollars is that they still cannot see the simplicity and beauty of the true nature of the Semantic concept that it is reflective of our universe.


To assist your imagination, I use the metaphor of the web as a lattice of point whose close packing forms natural geometrical patterns and the forms of every imaginable object. In the heavens of Indra god, there is said to be a network of pearl, so arranged if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way, each object in the world is not merely itself but involves other object and in fact everything’s else.

In Every particle of dust there are present number.

In Every Structured Daily Activities are presents numbers !!!


6 Responses to “About Titus”

  1. Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D Says:

    Dear Mr.Count Titus Pomponius:

    Greetings to you. As a member of your Exclusive Royal High Society I am very pleased to be in contact with you through this message.I have greatly enjoyed reading your page.Excellent!

    It is a delight to have your wonderful friendship on ERHS.It is truly a great opportunity for me to have your friendship.

    With warmest and kindest regards

    Dr.J.Christopher Daniel
    Executive Director
    Goodwill social work centre

  2. The new Da Vinci Code? « Says:

    […] information set out in this blog are the results of my experiences and lived facts in my personal Holodynamic World. Nothing is based on gossip, but by knowledge and consciousness. There is many other factors […]

  3. @OrganicGuru Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading the detailed information that you have included here. I think it is fascinating to be able to trace your origin and see the impact that your family has made.

    Your views on Nature are fabulous. It is a shame more people do not share your perspective. Instead, you have people that seek to exploit and clone in order to obtain material gain. That is very sad but reality.

    It is very interesting to look at how we interact with one another in small measure as well as on a major scale. I look forward to learning more about your work. It does make you think about life in greater depth and with a different perspective.

  4. Wall Hooks · Says:

    i think that once in a while, we should do some social works too because we should help other people ~

  5. Granite Tiles Says:

    i have been a volunteer for 2 years on social works and this is a very exciting job for me ~:.

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