A Parallel Universe Semantic Game Theory

Semantic and Artificial Intelligence

The natural evolution of the Electronic Digital Economy

There is a general idea that games can teach skills that are important in today’s society, namely: analytical thinking, construction of hypotheses, development of strategies, creativity, team building, multitasking, decision making and problem solving. This idea frequently extends to situations that involve some kind of stress and require fast decisions. On the other hand, there is a perception that e-learning can benefit from games, especially because they can make complex subjects more interesting and are able to cope with up-and-coming learning profiles.

Human beings are able to function because they can receive information from the environment via the user interface, store information for later retrieval, and process information in various ways, including using it to anticipate events and make predictions. Humans function best in familiar environments because they can draw upon their vast stores of personal knowledge (their rich mental schema) about those environments. Representations of mental schema for personal or episodic knowledge include many different kinds of elements including concepts (ideas corresponding to things, actions, beliefs, judgments, etc.), associations, relations, attribute, images, sensory perceptions, emotions, a sense of time and an awareness of context. These elements are linked in a complex web of verbal and non-verbal information (Anderson, 1990).

Dan Brown’s thriller has sold over eighteen million copies in hardcover edition (not to mention the paperback edition) It has been and with what ‘a genuine publishing phenomenon. Like all phenomena, has created a gold rush, where authors and publishers have used their success by multiplying the dummy and books on related issues.

All the detail and information set out in this blog are the results of my experiences and lived facts in my personal Holodynamic World. Nothing is based on gossip, but by knowledge and consciousness. There is many other factors (reflection) influence the rhythms of a nature that are linked with human bio-rhythms, the activity of sunspots, the radiation of space and earth, the rising of a star (new friendship … new relation … new structured activities) which influences our black hole dimension, others black hole dimension, a shared parallel universe (relation with others people) !!!

The evolving of Social Network



The theory is based in acosmopolitanism age-old normative ideal which contends that all members are cosmopolitan; all citizens of the social network world share a membership in one single community, which is governed by a universal, egalitarian law and reliable algorithm that govern the chances in the competition.


With a seemingly endless stream of new books on the subject of the end of the Mayan Calendar (and one very scary disaster film), everyone wants to know about 2012! Are we at the beginning of the most amazing and wonderful time on earth?  Or is Armageddon just over the horizon?

Now in the recent mold of intensely stimulating documentary films that have produced new levels of insight and excitement about life. Count Titus Pomponius brings you what may be the most far-reaching entry yet:
A Visions for the Parallel Universe .

Parallel Universe A and B Intersect IP generating Word.

Parallel Universe A and B Intersect IP generating Word.

Here is a must-see exploration of science-based evidence that I am at the precipice of the greatest evolutionary jump in human history with a great vision, that generates privileged and intensely energy!!!

How does a black hole form?
How powerful can a magnetic field be?
How Semantic of Web will satisfy the needs of people?
How Internet evolving?

As we are all energy, a set of vibration living in a dimensional imagination: in a our black hole. Our black hole is our dimension, our dimension can intersect every seconds of our internet life other’s black hole that generating a fountain of white hole: shared activities.

Internet Is a net of pilgrimage, an immigration of human been (vibration) that will live together in a different parallel universe. Each trip can intersect others generating a new white hole, striking energy, arising content.

These cosmic Phenomena, in Einstein’s theory of relativity, arise from the death of a star, after it collapse in on itself under the force of  its own gravity, so intense that even light cannot escape the gravitational field (hence in the name of the black hole).

My Vision and concept is a  theory based in a cosmopolitanism age-old normative ideal which contends that all members are cosmopolitan, all citizens of the internet world  share a membership in one single community, which is governed by a universal, egalitarian law and reliable algorithm that govern the chances in the competition.

Infinite + 1 = ?

Infinite + 1 = ?

FEE Φ-Digital World is a set of Logic and Mathematics Viral Processes working between

Internet, Mobile, Interactive TV, Cinema Movie Sequel, Game Console Sequel, Magazine and Radio.

Φ Semantic-Interactive-Puzzle-Game-Avatar-Storyboard is a logic, intuitive, natural and progress of the love story between Helen (342 woman), George (343 man) alive in the Universe of Miter, kingdom of Demeter (324) in the temple of Menorah.

Every Φ collect he’s own Avatar-Story-Board via CR


The role of James Cameron’s film Avatar in this development is undeniable. What is paradoxical about this pleasantly ecological film is that it is in fact itself, the terrible weapon of the logic that it illustrates: the destructive efficiency of technologies once blindly unleashed on traditional environments.

Social Semantic Search Engine Competition. Semantic by Member!!!

Social Semantic Search Engine Competition. Semantic by Member!!!

word dimension (black hole) etymology

word dimension (black hole) etymology

Social Network Structured Activities Parallel Universe

Social Network Structured Activities Parallel Universe


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